PowerTeam Bonuses — The YTB Way

Victoria-Falk-PTLBonus2I love the new Coach’s Corner money!!! I used my bonus to rent a bus to take my YTB Team to Great Adventure Amusement Park on July 19, 2014. We will have a Travel Party on the bus so folks can see how to turn fun into fortune. The YTB Way system keeps me focused on the activity needed to grow my business. I’m going to treat myself to a makeover with the next bonus.
Victoria Falk, Full time YTB, Brooklyn, New York


Rachel-Jenerett-PTLBonusHello, thank you so very much for featuring me in the BizReport! I am a big fan of the BizReports and make sure to check them weekly. With my last $500 bonus I purchased my airfare to Experience Cancun 2014! I’m so excited about this event and looking forward to meeting my fellow Reps from round the world. Using the YTB Way has meant everything to how my team has grown in the past month. I have had my own Travel Parties and encouraged those on my team to do the same. And the 60secondmba videos have been my best friend, I utilize those every chance I get. What a great addition they have been! With my next bonus that I expect in a few days, I will pay for the mini iPad I just purchased to help take my business to the next level. It fits in all my purses so I intend to always be ready to show those videos and get someone started at a moments notice.
Rachel Jenerett, Audit Supervisor — Pennsylvania

Charles-Nenette-Nicholson-PTLBonusOur son, Nathan Nicholson plays for the Crossmen with Drum Corps International. We finished paying his tour fees with our $500 PowerTeam Bonus. With the next Bonus we plan on taking a long weekend getaway – just me and mama. I believe the YTB Way System is a powerful system when used properly. I use the YTB Way script for my weekly webinars just to get the team used to hearing it. We love the YTB Way. Charles and Nenette Nicholson, YTB Directors — Mansfield, Texas

Renee-Toppin-PTLBonusI love these Bonus Checks! YTB is better than a part-time job and way MORE FUN. My bonus check will be used to purchase tickets to The Annual Daddy Daughter Dance as a gift to my daughter’s father for Fathers Day. Its a tradition. New dress, hair and nails and a limo ride! YTB helps me create memories that last a lifetime for my family. The YTB Way System gives my team the confidence to share the business. When your team feels confident, everybody wins. The bonus checks pour in. Thank you for this SYSTEM. It is priceless. The next bonus will be used to hire a personal trainer to get fit for the summer.
Renee Toppin, YTB Director – Philadelphia, PA

Fran-Morris-PTLBonusI reinvested my bonus back into my business. I needed one more person to be QTO to receive my bonus. I shared the DVD and magazine with a client who had recently returned from Hawaii. She was “too busy to attend travel parties or any business meetings.” After viewing the information, she made time to attend a grand opening Travel Party and signed up for her own business. I will use my next bonus for a short getaway with my family. Fran Morris, Full time YTB, California

Willie-Purcell-PTLBonusThanks you for the opportunity to be featured in the Biz Report! My wife and I will be traveling to Germany, Spain and Paris on June 30th and this Bonus comes just in time! After all you can’t have too much spending money when traveling. I’ve been in the business around 9 years and I have made much along the way but it was only when I started really using the YTB Way did I see a difference in my leadership – and as a result I see a difference in my team. If it wasn’t for the team I could not do what I do so shouts out to the Macon Justice League! The next bonus I intend to look for ways to create more incentives for my team so they can be featured as well just as my Director Lucretia has done for us. Again I humbly thank you for being featured in the Biz Report! I am a 20-year veteran Investigator with the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office in the process of transitioning into YTB full time!
Willie & Barbara Purcell, Coach’s Corner Leaders — Macon, GA