New Marketing Materials – Propel your business to new heights!


The NEW IMPROVED Video Marketing System now has three (3) generational specific videos to set the stage for the next video that will set the stage for them to purchase. That’s right! When you send your prospect to your VMS they will be led through a simple to follow process that will ask them if they are part of the Baby Boomer, Generation X or Millennial generation. Once they select one of the three, a generational specific video will take over the sales process.

And that is not all. There is now a lead capture page that will populate warm leads that will appear in a Leads Report in your Rep Back Office. You can find the Leads Report by clicking on REPORTS on the left hand menu and then click on LEADS REPORTS. Your report will show the name and contact information of your new lead. In addition it will show if the lead came from the Video Marketing System or the Marketing site (\userid)

Take a few moments and go to\userid to see the new, improved VMS today!


Every CEO needs marketing materials that do a careful and well-thought-out job of presenting their products and services. Appearance is reality in marketing, and you have to look as professional as you are. At YTB we’ve designed the best marketing tools just for you!

Now available in your NEW Rep Back Office, you can find:
~~~ a NEW YTB PowerPoint presentation – go to RESOURCES tab on the left hand menu, then click on PRESENTATIONS

~~~ a 10-minute talking version of the NEW YTB PowerPoint presentation – go to RESOURCES tab on the left hand menu, then click on PRESENTATIONS

~~~ an awesome one (1) page, two (2) sided promotional flyer with the Travel Presentation on one side and the Marketing Presentation on the other. To purchase you can find them under Marketing Materials located on the home page of your Rep Back Office. You can purchase a pack of 25 for just $5, plus shipping and handling or purchase 50 packs + receive 10 FREE packs for a total of 60 packs for just $150, plus shipping and handling. You’ll love these new tools and they’ll help you propel your business to new heights.