Coach’s Corner Spotlight: La Wanda Blackwood

“The future is looking bright!” – La Wanda Blackwood Coach shines his spotlight on La Wanda Blackwood from beautiful Ontario, Canada. She just became part of the YTB family in early July! After hearing about the business from her sponsor, Roy Lawrence, she said she had an “ah ha moment!”… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Chantell & Glenn Aden

“This is what it’s all about for us – impacting lives for generations.” – Chantell & Glenn Aden YTB is proud to shine the Coach’s Corner Spotlight on Glenn and Chantell Aden of Washington State. They are the proud parents of Tanika and Glenn MT Aden (and wife Teonna) who are also… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Will Daniels

“Director is the goal!” – Will Daniels Coach shines the Coach’s Corner Spotlight on William Daniels, who lives in Philadelphia with his teenage son. Will joined YTB two years ago and works his YTB business in his spare time, concentrating on the marketing side of the business opportunity. In addition… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: George Walker & Angela Thomas

“Our key to success involves three things: Travel Parties, Travel Parties, and Travel Parties.” – George Walker & Angela Thomas Coach’s Spotlight shines on George Walker and Angela Thomas, who joined YTB in March 2013 and reside in Landover, MD. They are both government employees and currently work YTB part-time with… read more