January 31st Super Saturday Recaps

Chicago, Illinois
The Chicago event was full of energy with standing room only! Power Team Leader, Bea Petty opened the room with fun and set the atmosphere. After viewing the webcast and everyone was amazed about what they saw it was time to hop on Coach’s Leadership Call. The webcast and the call really allowed people to see and hear what is ahead and the room was full of anticipation. Regional Leader, Johnette Gore presented the Rep PowerPoint and showed how YTB has a solution! We also had a special vendor Staurt Levy, BDM from Sandals who had the entire room wanting to travel! PowerTeam Leader, Cheryl Washington had everyone up and dancing, excited and looking forward to RENO!  ~~~ Johnette Gore


Denver, Colorado

Oxon Hill, Maryland
This past Saturday 01/31/15 was one of the coldest days in the DMV but we still managed to set the event on fire with an incredible lineup of Directors: Loranzo Ladson, Joanne White, and AJ and Deidra Hunter. The energy was at an all time high with people filling up the lobby in great anticipation to find out more about the future of our company. You will see the excitement in the faces expressed in the pictures! Loranzo Ladson and Joanne White opened the event by relating the proud history of YTB… because you cannot appreciate where you are going if you don’t know where you are coming from. We also presented The “7 Things the Middle Class Cannot Afford Anymore,” which led us into the Punta Cana video. Coach’s Call at 12 noon validated what took place that morning.

After lunch we trained on the use of the marketing flyer, “5 Aspects of the Perfect Business” and the Compensation plan. We closed on a real high note with Directors Ladson, Whiteand the Hunters presenting a “What if?” campaign to provide a sneak peak for the YTB family to get a glimpse of the future of how great our opportunity is being in the travel business. The buzz is in the air and we (The DMV GAME CHANGERS) are excited and thankful for the leadership and insight that Coach, Scott and Chris have on network marketing and the travel business to ensure that we win!  ~~~ Director Loranzo Ladson

Loranzao-Ladson-OxonHill-SS-B Loranzao-Ladson-OxonHill-SS-A