Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Sha’Ron Johnson

cc_SJ“I love the way YTB merges media, technology and our GREAT product.”

– Sha’Ron Johnson

Sha’Ron Johnson and her husband of over 30 years, Jasper, have three grown children and live in Richmond, Texas, just outside of Houston. Sha’Ron saw a former classmate’s Facebook posting about YTB and thought it sounded like something she would enjoy. She says, “Social media works! Since I already loved to travel and put together travel adventures for family and friends, this seemed like the perfect opportunity for me. The idea of getting paid to do the same thing I was already doing, was already a WIN-WIN situation in my mind.” She joined in December, 2012.

Although working her YTB businesses part-time, Sha’Ron’s daughter, sister, sister-in-law, nephew, niece, and two cousins are also part of the YTB family. Her husband, who has been a great support and usually behind the scenes, came to the 2 Giants CEO Tour stop in Houston. “His whole perspective changed and he has already become more actively involved. His exact words were ‘I wish that I had rented a bus and picked up as many people as it would hold, to bring them to the meeting!’ “


Sha’Ron continues that she works both sides of the business. “I love seeing people enjoy their journey through travel. I also love seeing people enjoy their journey through lifestyle change and financial freedom! When I went to the mailbox and received my first $500 Bonus check, that’s when the light bulb really went off and reality set in. The $99 promotion has also been a help with achieving Bonus status quickly! Since my daughter is getting married next year, these bonuses are coming in handy!”

“Achieving Coach’s Corner means having a plan, being consistent and following up! It is key! The $99 promotion has played a tremendous part in helping me achieve Coach’s Corner. I was able to revisit a few people who were already interested in YTB. They have witnessed me enjoy my business and watched me travel. Additionally, I have the privilege of having a few great leaders on my team who have been very encouraging and helpful. For instance, my Power Team Leader, Coach Simone Gilbert, did a Strategy Planning Session for the PowerTeam Leaders on her team about three months ago. Her PowerTeam Leader, Director Nakia Muhammad, shared some tips and strategies with us that really helped me to set a goal, remain focused and stay accountable. I am also quick to ask questions and pick the brain of not only Coach Simone (who is an awesome leader), but also Coach Tia Johnson-Mann, Coach Johnette Gore, Coach Anita Tart and our Director Renee Toppin (Thanks Ladies!). Thanks Team Serious About Success (SAS) and Team Restoration for all of your ENCOURAGEMENT! #teamwork”

The YTB Way has been a great tool. I have used both the English and Spanish versions to help me promote the opportunity. I love the way YTB merges media, technology and our GREAT product. I love this company and my business and am grateful for the opportunity to create wealth not only for myself, but for my children’s children!”