Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Quinchella Jones

cc_QJ                                                              “I’m driven to show potential partners how this business works in their lives; how it can be an asset to their lives and families as a whole.”

– Quinchella Jones

Welcome to Coach’s Corner Quinchella Jones! Her name was derived from her father’s name, Quinters and she goes by Quin. Although she has no children, Quin raised her siblings Unique and Michael, who are now grown and married with children of their own. She says that her greatest joy is spoiling her nieces and nephews. Michael has two children, Michyla, age 9 and Mariah age 5; Unique is mom to Nia, age 5; Antonio, Jr., age 3; and Skylar, age 1. Her sister Tara was the first to have a child, Eric, now 23, who received lots of her love and attention!

Quinchella was born and raised in Detroit, MI; left for active duty in 1990, and returned in 1994. She joined YTB in April 2013 after CC Anita Tart presented the business to her, saying it is one of the best decisions she has ever made. She works part time now, as she is still employed with Ford Motor Company. All three siblings (Tara, Unique, and Michael) are also YTB business partners. She works both sides of the business, recently more marketing, but travel is picking up more. She relates, “I’m grateful for the Pro Travel Network option.”


Quin impressively reached Coach’s Corner in nine weeks, receiving multiple bonuses, including a double bonus week. She was recently in first place in PowerTeam sales. Her strategy is meeting people on their level, saying, “I’m driven to show potential partners how this business works in their lives, how it can be an asset to their lives and families as a whole. I don’t have anything to sell them, I don’t present in “sales pitch” fashion – there’s no need for that. Millions of people are already traveling and shopping online, the question then becomes whether or not they’d like to do so at discounted rates and make money at it.”

“The Video Marketing System (VMS) is a great tool; it explains the business in detail and does so quickly; people appreciate getting the meat of the offer and without spending hours doing so. I see YTB making an enormous impact on my financial future; the multiple streams of income YTB offers will ensure that once I reach the age of retirement from Ford Motor Company, finances won’t be a problem.”