Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Marie and Johnathan Hearld

cc_MJH                                                                        “My leaders always told me that success leaves clues and my husband and I were determined to find them all. The best thing I can share is to always follow up!!!”

– Marie and Johnathan Hearld

Congratulations to Johnathan and Marie Hearld on achieving Coach’s Corner. The Hearlds live in Katy, Texas (near Houston) with children Devin, age 20; Nia, age 18; Lesslie, age 16; and Princess, age seven. They were introduced to YTB just this past July, having met Felicia Spivey-Shanken on Facebook through a mutual friend. She and Angelita Byrd took a few minutes on a call to share information about the company and the rest is history!

Marie says, “I work my YTB business part time; however, my entire family is involved, so it’s practically full time. My older two children share the same enthusiasm about YTB that Johnathan and I do. They recently became business owners with YTB as well. Johnathan and I work both businesses. We initially got involved because we loved the idea of being able to travel more for less. In just this few weeks, we have also enjoyed being Reps and are concentrating on maximizing every aspect of the business.


We were able to reach the goal of becoming 3 & Free and PowerTeam Leaders in the first thirty days in the business. Most recently, we were recognized in Las Vegas for achieving the elite status of Coach’s Corner. We were truly humbled by all the support and encouragement from our wonderful travel partners and leaders to help us get here in just a little over two months. We have an amazing team of leaders that have collaborated with us and have decided to take control of their family’s financial futures as well.

My leaders always told me that success leaves clues and my husband and I were determined to find them all. The best thing I can share is to always follow up!!!

Just over two months ago, Johnathan and I made a decision that has changed our lives financially for the better. We joined the BEST TEAM EVER and started the Texas Takeover! We have a travel business with no overhead. Because we utilized the Rep program, we have earned multiple $500 bonuses and that enabled us help both our oldest children while in college, in addition to start a savings for our family’s future.”