Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Jay Johnson

Jay Johnson  
 “YTB has given me the platform to build wealth and the blueprints to leave a legacy.”

– Jay Johnson



Coach’s Spotlight shines brightly on Jay Johnson of Kansas City, MO. He is the father of Faith Johnson, age 14. Jay joined YTB in October, 2007. He relates, “My former mentor and I were in another company where I had very little financial success. However, I got a wealth of knowledge on business. Though it took years for me to “unlearn” some of the thoughts and principles that were keeping me broke, I realized I had to hold on to the coaching if I ever wanted to be successful in anything. Sales were never a passion of mine, however through years of personal growth, reading books and listening to top producers, I began to understand what sales actually are … A way of communicating.


When I was introduced to YTB, I was working for another company, running my own entertainment company, and going through a difficult divorce. I had NO time to work another business, however it still made too much sense to me! Plus I I desperately needed a REAL vacation. I then noticed my mentor was on a 2-1/2 year vacation and it got my attention. I never saw him pressed for time or stressed for anything. He was always dressed nicely and had the finer things but never bragged or boasted. His 2-1/2 year vacation was a lifestyle. I thought “If it’s legit, THAT’S WHAT I WANT TO DO!”

Today I’m proud to say that I am now teaching people how to work on the principles that govern the laws for building wealth so all can have that type of lifestyle. YTB is the vehicle.

Today I am working full time as an entrepreneur, but part-time in YTB. However, soon I will be full time in YTB as I long to travel around the world helping people build their business with purpose. I work both sides of the business but my main focus has been the marketing side. I love to inspire and empower new entrepreneurs.

I just double bonused in July, bonused again in August and plan to double bonus in this month. Coach’s Corner was always a thought of mine but never was really on my “By Any Means Necessary” list. Once your mind is made up, you’ll create ways to win. You will no longer settle for the first or second closed door or ‘NO.’ There is something so powerful about a made up mind that forces you to find a way. Once you marry that desire with a sense of urgency, your actions then become almost immeasurable. You are not keeping track of how many people you talk to or how many presentations you are doing. You are just in constant action. It is like looking at the finish line during your sprint and that’s all you see. All you know is you’ve got to get there!

For me, I try to answer objections in my presentations, so by the end the only choice is “YES, I’M IN. I NEED THIS!” For example: before they say ‘I don’t have time,’ during my presentation, I’ll say something like ‘As you notice, this business is online, open 24 hours a day, so it fits in well with busy schedules. We simply point people to our websites, allow them to go look and book. We have a time leveraging system that is designed for busy people. That’s what excited me!’

The YTB Way has simplified my business. This tool has given the new CEOs a systematic way to get results. The DVDs are very well done. It’s a perfect presentation, every time it is played. Since ANYONE can play a DVD, EVERYONE can expose their businesses at will. Therefore, there are no more excuses.


YTB will be my main source of income very soon. YTB has given me the platform to build wealth and the blueprints to leave a legacy. YTB has also given me the confidence and assurance that I too, can help hundreds to thousands to financial freedom. There is something very spiritual about knowing how many lives you can personally impact with YTB.

Thank you Coach for having a dream that was big enough to fit all of us in it. I have witnessed you, being the busy founder of a company experiencing hyper growth, yet you took time out to personally be there for those who needed you most. It is THAT type of leadership, character, integrity, honesty, and loyalty that I adore, follow and look forward to helping you lead. Thank you for being a true follower of Christ and building our company full of value and great purpose using principles you have lived your life by: 1) If it’s not right don’t do it. If it’s not true don’t say it and 2) God first, Family second,, Business third. Thank you for this life changing opportunity.

Thanks to all the leaders who inspired me, worked with me, coached me, and have given me time, tools, advice, and believed in me: Scott Tomer, Chris Cokely, Juliet St. John, Mary St. John, Coach Arlyne Thompson, Mike Gallon, Loranzo Ladson, Lucretia Daniel, Nakia Muhammad, Rick & Brenda Reese, Renee Toppin and Malcolm Alexander.

And special thanks to a portion of my team who believe in the dream: PTL Margo Toombs, PTL Shirley Williams, PTL Monica Wells, Life Coach Gwen Adams, Marsha West, Marshelle West, David Brown, Rodney Overman, Phyllis Ray, Lyndel Nance and Ana & Ariana Cook!”