Coach’s Corner Spotlight: George Walker & Angela Thomas

cc_GWATOur key to success involves three things: Travel Parties, Travel Parties, and Travel Parties.”

– George Walker & Angela Thomas

Coach’s Spotlight shines on George Walker and Angela Thomas, who joined YTB in March 2013 and reside in Landover, MD. They are both government employees and currently work YTB part-time with several family members in the business, including their 80-year old mother, a sister, and children.

George tells us, “I was introduced to the business by a friend, who I was trying to recruit for another networking marketing business. She agreed to come to my meeting, if I went to her YTB Travel meeting. Her meeting came before mine, so I went just to keep the agreement, with no intention of considering it. I knew that the business in which I was involved was the “Best.” However, I sat in the front guest seats for the presentation with the intent to look interested, although I wasn’t. Well… lo and behold, as the presentation proceeded, I became interested and then, by the end, very interested!


“I thought, ‘This is better than what I am currently involved in, primarily because it did not require customers to do anything different than what they were already doing. My business required me to convince customers to change and I discovered that people are resistant to change, even if it is an advantage. In addition, finding business partners with YTB would be easier because people were already traveling, shopping online, and sharing pictures, experiences, and good purchase deals, but were not getting paid. I’m not a “rocket scientist” but I know a great benefit when I see one. And, YTB Travel offered a great benefit! I signed up on the spot and forgot all about my other business!

When I went home and told Angela that we were in the travel business, she was not a “happy camper.” Her words were “Oh, not again. YOU are in the travel business, I want no part of it.” Well, I guess I had it coming, considering I have been in every NM/MLM business out there, starting from Amway to Ambit. I have done them all, only to discover that it wasn’t for me, because all required customers to do or try something different. I had scheduled my Sponsor to come and train Angela on the YTB Travel product and benefits. Angela begrudgingly agreed and sat down to be trained with a frown. Amazingly, as the training progressed, she became interested and by the time it was over, she informed me that she would do this business and I could continue doing those “other things.” And, that’s how we got into this business and we are loving it! I failed to mention that we are having a whole lot of fun working this business. Maybe “working” is a poor word to describe the fun we are having building this business.

We concentrate on both the marketing and the travel. Initially, we focused on travel and traveled to Hawaii, Punta Cana, DR, Coach’s Birthday Cruise, Las Vegas Red Carpet, and Cruise3sixty. Then we realized the benefits of marketing for long term financial independence, so we started sharing this opportunity with everyone and our team began to grow.


Since the start of the 2Giants Campaign, we have earned four $500 Bonuses, and are very close to earning our fifth Bonus! We earned a Certificate at our 2013 Eastern Regional Event for being in the “Top Ten in Sales” and of course, recently with the support of our awesome Team, we achieved Coach’s Corner. Our key to success involves three things: Travel Parties, Travel Parties, and Travel Parties. We sponsored Reps and RTAs and put all of our efforts into getting them 3-and-Free and PowerTeam Leaders. We encouraged the Reps to plan and host their Grand Opening as soon as possible and we hosted Travel Parties for anyone who had guests.

The YTB Way System is our main ingredient. The initial “Text” is an awesome ice breaker. It gets interest and allows you an opportunity to extend an invitation to the Grand Opening, to a presentation, or for a one-on-one contact. The DVD allows anyone to share this business and the 3-way validation call seals the deal. We signed up several RTAs by handing them the DVD and link and scheduled a time to follow up. The DVD is excellent, effective, and simple to use. PTB (Push The Button) is our marketing methodology.

We see YTB as our substantial supplemental income in retirement. As government employees, we have decent retirement benefits and we are very close to retirement. However, it is no secret that living on a percentage of your income will be difficult, when living on 100% of your income is no ‘cake walk.’ So, we have always known that in order to maintain our basic standard of living, we would require additional income OR we would have to lower our standards. YTB has offered us an opportunity to not only maintain our standard of living, but increase it. We have already traveled to places that were previously price prohibitive, by traveling as an insider. Further, YTB will allow us to do far more travel after retirement when time and annual-leave are no longer issues. With children and grandchildren, there is always the desire to be able to do more for them while you are here and to leave a financial legacy after you are gone. There are charities that you are passionate about, which you give, but want to give more. That is not easy on a job paycheck and that is where most Americans reside.

YTB has changed that dynamic and is offering us the opportunity to build a financially independent future for ourselves, contribute to our passionate charities, and to leave a financial legacy to our children, our children’s children, and their children.