Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Denise Harrell-McMillon

cc_DHM“My goal is to become a Level 1 Director within the next year.”

– Denise Harrell-McMillon

Congratulations to Denise Harrell-McMillon! Denise (nicknamed Ms. Millions by Coach Arlyne Thompson) is a widow with one daughter, Ariane, 23, who is a model and lives with her in Palmdale, California, about 60 miles northeast of Los Angeles. She also has two step-daughters: Kim, who lives in Dallas with her husband and three children, and Silvia, who lives in Los Angeles with her two children, and a stepson, Travis, Jr. who lives in Miami!


Denise joined YTB in December, 2007. She went to the YTB presentation to sell beauty products to the person who invited her. She has always enjoyed traveling and immediately saw the value in the business and signed up that night! She works the business part-time with the intention of having it be the supplement – actually the replacement – for her retirement income – in the next six months. Denise’s cousin, who passed in April, was a PowerTeam Leader in the business with her and she is in the process of transferring that business to her daughter, who was her cousin’s god-daughter. Although she works both sides of the business, she has recently focused more on the marketing side and team building. Her Team is called $ Team Millions $, which Coach Arlyne also named!

Denise has received seven $500 bonuses, and double bonused the week that she reached Coach’s Corner. When asked about her strategies for success, she says, “I have been a PowerTeam Leader for several years but I recently made the push for Coach’s Corner with the encouragement of both Coach Arlyne Thompson and email from Juliet St. John urging me to do so. Both have taught what Coach Tomer has always said, “Work your PowerTeam” and consistently hold events every week. After our Red Carpet in Las Vegas this year (my third) I came home determined to do some type of party or presentation every single week and I encouraged my team to follow suit by attending and inviting guests. The YTB Way magazines and DVDs and the 60 MBA were powerful tools to be able to hand to people on the spot. And they made it simple to explain the entire business in a few minutes.

And how will YTB impact her financial future? “As I mentioned earlier, I see YTB paving my financial future by allowing me to have a significant income for my retirement, which would not have been possible any other way.

My goal is to be a Level 1 (500 member) Director within the next year. In addition to providing a steady income for retirement (the one from my County job is not enough for me to live on), I also want and need full medical benefits. I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with Coach Arlyne and her team for several years, which means meeting many YTB leaders as well as our Founders. She has been a wonderful mentor and I admire and appreciate her leadership skills, out-of-the-box thinking and persistence with her team.