Coach’s Corner Spotlight: David and Yvonne Mullen

cc_DM“The thought of our family working together, building for our future generations, is really exciting.”

– David & Yvonne Mullen

Coach’s Spotlight shines on David and Yvonne Mullen from Elizabeth City, North Carolina. David relates, “I joined YTB in December, 2006. I saw a program on television at 3:00 am that said travel is a 7 trillion dollar a year business now linked with the internet. The presentation was being held in Norfolk, VA. I called and scheduled an appointment to see the presentation. When I saw the presentation, I signed up. I saw a way that my wife and I could team up with our children and grandchildren make a lot of money and travel the world together. When my children didn’t join us I lost interest in building a team. In May of 2011, I regained my interest in building a team when I looked at how retirement would be if we didn’t build this business. We asked Regional Leader Edward Pryor if he would help us get started. He started coming from Richmond, VA to Elizabeth City, helping us build a team. He also introduced us to Regional Leaders Anissa Bishop and Randy and Celetta Brown. These leaders love helping people.


We work the business part-time, working both parts of the business with the main focus on marketing. All four of my children are in the business with us now! Five of my brothers have joined us along with seven of their children. Two of my wife’s sisters and three of their children have joined us. We have relatives in Maryland and in Tennessee who have joined our team. The thought of our family working together, building for our future generations is really exciting. We add to our family as we build our team. We now have new brothers and sisters and the love that we have for them is true. It is great knowing that these are the people we will be working with and traveling the world together.

We achieved Coach’s Corner by sponsoring a contest to help our team members achieve their goals – by helping others it helped us reach our goal. Our team really went to work and we are so thankful. We also made phone calls to people who had previously seen the plan and said they were interested in the business – some joined and others were finally put on the back burner until they are ready. We bonused in July, and it was very exciting to bonus two times in the last week of the 2 Giants promotion!

The YTB Way System has greatly improved our business. The magazines, videos, and DVD used to share the business are great. We are very excited about our financial future. We know through YTB our financial goals and dreams can be accomplished. We are looking forward to helping all of our family members, old and new family, to achieve their financial goals.