Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Chantell & Glenn Aden

cc_CA“This is what it’s all about for us – impacting lives for generations.”

– Chantell & Glenn Aden

YTB is proud to shine the Coach’s Corner Spotlight on Glenn and Chantell Aden of Washington State. They are the proud parents of Tanika and Glenn MT Aden (and wife Teonna) who are also YTB teammates and daughter Chenelle. They have three precious grandchildren: Tamia, Sarai and Micah. Glenn is retired Air Force and real estate and Chantell says she is a “domestic queen” and full-time care provider for their special needs adult daughter.

The couple joined YTB in April 2007, being introduced to YTB their good friends Willie and Adriene Tillman, also retired USAF. They are thankful to be working together with such good friends. Glenn works the business full time and Chantell part-time, along with juggling a life filled with grandchildren, caring for their special needs daughter, and family responsibilities. They work both sides of the business and they love to travel, as well have fun, help and empower people to enrich their lives.

They have earned several $1,000 Bonuses, as well as several $500 PTL bonuses. They used their first $500 Bonus to go home to Cleveland for the homegoing service for Glenn’s father, Reverend John Aden. Sr. Chantell says, “It amazes us, the timing of life and how important it is, in the midst of trials and storms, that we keep building and helping people. It was essential to push past the pain of loss, as hard as it was, as we surely needed those funds.


They have even paid their car note with one of their travel commissions! They say, “As Director Rick Reese says, ‘It’s MCI… money comin’ in.’ Loving it!” Together they have earned several certifications such as Sandals certified, Jamaica Specialist, Princess Commodore, Special Needs Certified, with more to come. They were very surprised to have recently received an iPad from their sponsors for consistently building the business and encouraging their teams.

“We achieved Coach’s Corner by helping our PowerTeam get their 3 & Free and continuing to duplicate the YTB system. We help those who want to help themselves. We love everyone, but we made a decision to get it done; it is time. We had loads of help – our wonderful Directors poured into us continually, our team is amazing who wants to succeed, and a great many of our team are community people and ministry leaders. We aim high and teach our team to do the same; it has paid off. We also read the right kind of books about empowerment, leadership, and multiplication. We have powerful, amazing mentorship in Director Juliet St. John, a giving, loving leader who is serious about elevating life in people who will listen and do the YTB system. Also we have received extensive mentorship by The Power Coach, Madeline Alexander, who is now an RTA.

The YTB Way (and recently the 2 Giants promotion) has been a huge impact in our growth. People are ready to grab it and run. The system helps us duplicate the process personally. Our quality product is worth thousands!


YTB has and will impact our future greatly. This company has already changed our lives, our generation’s way thinking and living life. We have always been a very close knit family and to share this business with them and actually see them take hold and become PowerTeam Leaders let’s us know we are on the right track! We are serious about leaving a financial, as well as a spiritual legacy. We know for sure that we are helping to change and transform lives and this has blessed our lives in bountiful ways. We believe in several streams of income and in this business in the travel industry, there are many. It is seriously amazing! As we steward this money and give it a mission, many lives and generations will thrive. This is what it’s all about for us – impacting lives for generations. Reach one, teach one to reach three! Keep duplicating! That $10,000 bonus is within our grasp, even in our hands.

We know that many in our YTB family are excited for us. We are thankful to YTB, our Founders, Coach Tomer, Scott Tomer, Kim Sorensen, and PTN CEO Chris Cokley. Also our amazing Directors Rick and Brenda Reese and all of the YTB Directors. Your lives have impacted ours and we are thankful for your sacrifices, your love, determination, and long hours. Last, but not least, to our amazing team! What can we say about you guys, tearing it up big time! You truly have been the wind beneath our wings. You have embraced us, amazed us in your determination and faith. We love you all. Mastermind Team, we thank you and we are here together. You are all Directors! Let’s do this!! IT IS POSSIBLE!! We are so blessed to have a tool like YTB that can help everyday people, from all walks of life, get paid to travel, have loads of fun and build lasting friendships.