Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Carla Humphrey

cc_CH“I see YTB impacting my financial future in a very big way.”

– Carla Humphrey

Coach’s Spotlight shines on Carla Humphrey, who resides with her husband Paul in Tampa, Florida. Carla designs, makes and sells jewelry and was at a jewelry event when Debora Barr approached her table and asked if she was open to another business opportunity. A week later, Debora shared the YTB marketing video and Carla joined in February, 2013! She currently works both YTB businesses part time, along with other family members.

Carla tells us how she achieved Coach’s Corner, “Since The 2 Giants CEO Tour I have received multiple $500 Bonuses and have met a lot of wonderful new business partners along the way. I shared the $99 opportunity with family, friends, co-workers, my church family and the cold market. Once my PowerTeam started growing, I hosted weekly Travel Parties at my home every Thursday. Then the Travel Parties went from once a week to three times a week, and sometimes I hosted two or three Travel Parties on the same day!


I sponsored a YTB family in Ft. Myers, traveling two hours one way every Sunday for three weeks straight. I was dedicated to helping my team and business partners get 3 & Free and from our hard work as a team I developed four new PowerTeam Leaders. I passed out business cards daily and did 3-way calls. The YTB Way system was instrumental in my reaching Coach’s Corner.

I see YTB impacting my financial future in a very big way. My goal is to retire in the next three to five years by creating a residual income through my YTB businesses!