Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Syreeta Blackshear and Andre Grose

cc_SBAG“If you work your PowerTeam, your PowerTeam will work for you.”

– Syreeta Blackshear and Andre Grose

Welcome to Coach’s Corner Syreeta Blackshear & Andre Grose! Friends call her Ree or Syreeta Renee. She and her partner Andre Grose have a total of seven children, ages 10-24, and a one-year-old grandson. They live in Upper Darby, right outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

She tells us, “Due to our friend Libra Bryant, we came back to the YTB family in April, 2012 after taking a break and pursuing corporate careers.

Soon after, we received direction from our PowerTeam Leader, Angelita Byrd: ‘Get Travel Parties scheduled!’ And we did!

As a result, we produced two awesome and current Coach’s Corner Leaders: Qadriyyah Braxton and Kelly Rachel. We all work as a team to educate the masses on how awesome a business we have!


When asked if they work their business full or part time, Syreeta says, “Honestly, if you count the hours we put into the business, I’d say full time. Many times I’m sending quotes to clients or emails to prospects well into the wee hours of the morning! We work all aspects of the business from booking travel to promoting the marketing side. This is a business that should be shared with EVERYONE!”

She continues, “We have received multiple $500.00 bonuses!! However, best of all, I am so excited to now be positioned as a National Sales Director!! Work your Power Team. I cannot stress it enough. We encourage everyone to learn how your PowerTeam works and what you need to do in order to leverage the incredible benefits that lie within it! Our PTL, Angelita Byrd, guided us and showed us how to do that. If you work your PowerTeam, your PowerTeam will work for you. Have Travel Parties and promote, promote, promote… everywhere and anywhere you can!

“The YTB Way has helped in that it’s a proven system! Nothing needs to be reinvented or re-thought-out, if you will. All it needs is to be FOLLOWED! Anyone who’s serious about this business can follow the YTB Way all the way to great success!

“YTB has truly impacted us financially. YTB pays our bills and provides for our family when our ‘jobs’ won’t. We both have agreed that our goal is to retire in the next five years and solely work our YTB businesses and if it keeps growing with the way we are nurturing it… retirement may come sooner!”