Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Bernadette Todd

cc_BT                                                        “Once I crossed the Coach’s Corner line and started to do the math, I was stunned. YTB has literally changed the trajectory of my financial future…”

– Bernadette Todd

A big welcome to Coach’s Corner, Bernadette Todd! Bernadette is the mother of Kennedy, 12 and Dominic, age seven and they reside in Springfield, Virginia. In April, 2012, she went on a cruise with some friends from Temple University that was coordinated by CCL Rachel Jenerett, whom she has known for over 20 years! While on that 3-day cruise to the Bahamas, she met “the dynamic Angelita Byrd” who shared the YTB opportunity with her! She works her business part time, as she still works full time for the government as a criminal investigator.

Bernadette tells us, “My children accompany me to Travel Parties and act as greeters. Kennedy can’t wait until she can own her own travel business. I love being able to show my children that they can be entrepreneurs and not just employees. It’s a lesson a lot of kids don’t receive.


Since the $99 Two Giants promotion I concentrated heavily on marketing. I realized this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to grow my business, and to share this amazing opportunity with as many people as I could, so I took full advantage of it. I intend to work both sides of the business, but will be taking advantage of the PTN travel booking services that are now available. My primary focus is on helping my team reach their goals and sharing this opportunity with as many people as possible. I am 3 & Free, and have earned five $500 bonuses since the 2 Giants Promotion, was promoted to PowerTeam Leader, and then Coach’s Corner.

I had the opportunity to meet Juliet St. John at an event in August, and she said, “Whatever you do, be at Coach’s Corner come October.” To be honest, when I started my run for Coach’s Corner in July, I didn’t know what was waiting for me on the other side besides the green jacket. However, when someone like Juliet says get there, you don’t ask any questions, you just move! So I put my head down and went to work. I stayed plugged in to Angelita’s and Juliet’s calls and learned a lot of tips and effective strategies from the folks who were at the top. I attended events and talked to my leaders when I ran into obstacles; I utilized all of the resources available to me. When I started my run, I only had one RTA on my team, but I followed The YTB Way, and put faith in my Creator that whatever was meant for me in my business, would come to me, and it did. Let me just say though, that faith without works is dead. If you put forth a partial effort in your business, you’ll have partial success. I worked hard, and at the end of 10 weeks I had 49 people on my team; 35 in my PowerTeam.

I primarily marketed the opportunity on Facebook, where consistency is key. When you launch a business, even if it’s through social media, your presence is being monitored by potential clients and/or business partners. If you aren’t serious about your business, no one else will take you seriously either. In addition, when sharing the opportunity, I focused more on listening to what prospects were looking for in a business opportunity, and then showed them how YTB could meet those needs. I focused on helping both my prospects and my team, and in turn, I was able to help myself. The other tip I would offer is to be a good steward of your time. How much time do you waste on activities that aren’t going to advance you toward your goals? During my run for Coach’s Corner, I didn’t go on vacation, I didn’t watch TV, I didn’t waste time – because I had a long way to go and just a few weeks to get there. I made the necessary sacrifices, I used my free time wisely, and it paid off.

When I first joined YTB my vision was so limited; I joined for the tax benefits and travel perks, believing that maybe I’d make a little extra money for the holidays. I failed to appreciate the tremendous opportunity placed before me, and I didn’t catch a clue until I received that first $500 bonus. Once I crossed the Coach’s Corner line and started to do the math, I was stunned. YTB has literally changed the trajectory of my financial future, and a life that I thought was just beyond my reach is now a very real possibility. I spent $100k on my education, 11 years on my career, and in less than a year with YTB, I’m positioned to surpass my salary for what was, at the time, a $249 investment and 10 weeks of focused work. I hope that everyone who has been blessed with this business really takes the time to understand what they have, and capitalizes on the opportunity. I prayed for financial freedom, and if I continue to work, I will achieve it with YTB.”