Chances of Success


Practice What They Teach.
To succeed you need to be willing to listen and learn from your leaders and mentors. Your leaders want YOU to succeed! Whatever your mentor did to become successful, it’s very duplicable, but you must be willing to learn and follow their systems.

Take Advantage of the Training Your Company Provides.
Utilize the sales and marketing tools provided to you. Your Back Office contains success-building training materials such as brochures, the VMS (video marketing system), YouTube videos, PowerPoint presentations and more.

Attend Events! Attend Events! Attend Events!
It’s win-win when you and your guests attend company events hosted by your mentors and company leaders. The meetings are motivational, exciting, and fun.

Along with a professional business presentation, your teammates receive recognition and awards. You learn from the best and your guests get first-hand knowledge of the opportunity you want to share with them.

Make an Effort to Share Your Product Every Day.
Do something for your business every day. Whether that is handing out business cards, hosting a Travel Party, starting or updating a social media account, or following up with prospects, it is important to build and maintain momentum. 

Educate Yourself on Different Ways to Market.
If you excel at direct selling, but aren’t very computer savvy, take some time to learn how a website, email or social media can build your business. If you need to get more comfortable talking to prospects, brush up on your communication strategies with your leaders and team members.

Be Genuine and Listen.
Telling isn’t selling. Listening goes hand in hand with being genuine. If you are having a “conversation” with someone but thinking only about the next thing you plan to say or share, you aren’t listening and you are going to miss something important. Understanding your prospects’ needs is vital to success.