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Dr. Marc Mancini talks about YTB’s Cream of the Crop!

Today we’re releasing the second video from our interview with Dr. Marc Mancini!  In this video Dr. Mancini talks about YTB’s RTAs being the “Cream of the Crop!” Watch the video below to hear what all Dr. Mancini has to say about YTB RTAs.   More about Dr. Marc Mancini- Dr. Mancini’s theories on the… read more

Dr. Marc Mancini on YTB’s Potential

At the Western Regional Red Carpet Event, YTB was honored to visit at length with Dr. Marc Mancini. We have videotaped that interview and it will be released as a series over the next seven weeks. His insight is sure to educate and inspire you. Today we’re announcing the first video in… read more