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Coach’s Corner Spotlight: George Walker & Angela Thomas

“Maybe “working” is a poor word to describe the fun we are having building this business.” – George Walker & Angela Thomas Coach’s Spotlight shines on George Walker and Angela Thomas, who joined YTB in March 2013 and reside in Landover, MD. They are both government employees and currently work… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Sha’Ron Johnson

“I love the way YTB merges media, technology and our GREAT product.” – Sha’Ron Johnson Sha’Ron Johnson and her husband of over 30 years, Jasper, have three grown children and live in Richmond, Texas, just outside of Houston. Sha’Ron saw a former classmate’s Facebook posting about YTB and thought it sounded… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Syreeta Blackshear and Andre Grose

“If you work your PowerTeam, your PowerTeam will work for you.” – Syreeta Blackshear and Andre Grose Welcome to Coach’s Corner Syreeta Blackshear & Andre Grose! Friends call her Ree or Syreeta Renee. She and her partner Andre Grose have a total of seven children, ages 10-24, and a one-year-old grandson. They… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Rachel Jenerett

“I am a big proponent of Travel Parties and encourage my team to do the same.” -Rachel Jenerett Coach’s Spotlight is proud to shine on Rachel Jenerett (who everyone calls Kelly!). Rachel lives in Glenolden, a suburb of Philaldephia, PA, having joined YTB in July, 2012 at a Travel Party… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: La Wanda Blackwood

“The future is looking bright!” – La Wanda Blackwood Coach shines his spotlight on La Wanda Blackwood from beautiful Ontario, Canada. She just became part of the YTB family in early July! After hearing about the business from her sponsor, Roy Lawrence, she said she had an “ah ha moment!”… read more