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Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Dennis Mott

“I used social media to get the word out on my travel as well as a method to connect with prospects.” – Dennis Mott Coach’s Corner is proud to welcome Dennis Mott, Jr. (DMJ Gifts) of Corona, California by way of Chicago Illinois! He is father to Cyeeta Mott, Cynita… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Charles Thompson Jr.

“Do not let NO stop you. Keep going until you hear YES.” – Charles Thompson Jr. YTB is proud to feature Charles Thompson, Jr. in this week’s Coach’s Corner Spotlight. Charles and his wife Cheryl have five daughters and one son, and reside in Fort Washington, Maryland. He was introduced… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Agatha Mason

“A business that balances work and play is the best formula for success.” – Agatha Mason Agatha Mason from Toronto, Canada is shining as our Coach’s Corner spotlight! She relates that her professional background is teaching and social and social work, editing manuscripts, along with designing and sewing clothing and costumes. She enjoys… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Carla Humphrey

“I see YTB impacting my financial future in a very big way.” – Carla Humphrey Coach’s Spotlight shines on Carla Humphrey, who resides with her husband Paul in Tampa, Florida. Carla designs, makes and sells jewelry and was at a jewelry event when Debora Barr approached her table and asked if… read more

Coach’s Corner Spotlight: Roy Lawrence

“I am so excited to be a part of the amazing things to come… My next goal is the $10,000 Bonus.” – Roy Lawrence Welcome to Coach’s Corner, Roy Lawrence of Ontario, Canada! Roy says, “First I would like to “Thank God” for allowing me to be in this position, and… read more